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BAO Winter concert Thursday, Dec 12, 7pm in the Berkeley Community Theater

Hi BAO families,

The first BAO concert of the school year next Thursday, Dec 12th in the Berkeley Community Theater! This is a required concert for all BAO students.

-7pm concert -6pm arrival time for all musicians -5pm optional musician dinner in A105 -4pm Stage Crew call (also, 7am during concert week - see additional announcement)

Concert dress:

All Black: Black dress shirt, (colorful tie for gents, optional for ladies), black dress pants or skirt (below the knees, please), black socks, black dress shoes. Please come talk to Mary/Karen THIS WEEK if you need help assembling your outfit. BAO has items for you to borrow.

We look forward to presenting our musicians' hard work! ~Mary & Karen

Can you help with the Musician dinner or Bakesale?

Musician's dinner info and sign-up:

Bake sale info and sign-up:

Thanks for your help, and we look forward to enjoying the music with you on the 12th!

Lois Pyle, BAO volunteer coordinator

Ellen Rigsby, musicians' dinner coordinator

Robin Packel and Dev Petty, bake sale coordinators

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