What to Bring


  • Signed instrument loan form

  • $20 loan fee

  • T-shirt money -- $10 (and an optional $40 if you're buying a hoodie)

  • Signed Caz forms and $$ if not filled out online. (more info below)

  • Signed Parent/Guardian form

Forms to fill out online


  • Musician InfoForm

  • T-shirt order (if you need a new one)

  • Caz Registration Paperwork (yes! It's now online!)

Things you'll need first week of school

Check out an instrument

You will need $20 and a signed loan form - print and sign one here >>

Receive your music locker and sheet music

Buy/Pick up your BAO T-shirt and/or BAO Hoodie

All BAO members will need a BAO T-shirt for concerts/games/tour. Hoodies are and optional and cozy bonus, especially for PepBand.


$10 t-shirt/$40 hoodie 

BAO shirts are the same as last year -- upperclassmen don't need to purchase a new one.                   

Meet your BAO-mates and connect with a BAO Buddy

Turn in Parent/Guardian Form

Put all the BAO dates into your calendar now!

Get your parent/guardian to read and sign the letter (first service project).

Read the grading policy to find out what a service project is!

Turn in Cazadero* Paperwork & $$, due Tues, 8/30

* 1º Chamber Winds/Orch and 0º ADV Winds/Strings only

OR... better yet, fill out your Caz Paperwork online!

Click the Caz Info link to find the online form, printable forms and answers to all your Cazadero questions.

Fill out the BAO Musician InfoForm

Complete your 2nd assignment before school has even started!

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