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Dec 6th Musicians' Dinner, 5pm A105 - sign up to help

If music be the food of love, play on!

(but our musicians gotta get they grub on before they play on... please contribute!)


The first concert for Band/Orchestra is this Thursday, Dec 6th, 7pm at the BHS Community Theater!

That means it's time to invite you to consider donating food for

- Dinner for our 150 hungry musicians , and/or

- Our bake sale in the lobby to raise much-needed funds for the band and orchestra.

We also welcome monetary donations for pizzas for the musicians' dinner. Your student may bring in $$cash$$ donations.

We will need several parent volunteers to make it all happen…

- To assist at the musician dinner (set up from 4:00 pm; dinner served 5pm)

- Run the bake sale (before the concert and during intermission)

- Pass out programs and collect monetary donations

- And be our clean-up crew.

Food Ideas:

1. Musicians’ dinner: These items are very important – pizza can only go so far and we have LOTS of students to feed. We can arrange to pick up these items curbside before 5:30 so no parking is needed!

- Picnic style food such as -- green salads -pizzas – pastas –casseroles --burritos – chicken--fruit salad -cut-up fruit, -sushi and rice balls--hummus platter with vegetables and pita bread —etc.

- No drinks necessary for the musician's dinner as we will be serving water.

2. Snack/Bake sale (everything sold in $1.00 portions):

- Baked goods, cookies, also snacks that can be sold in $1.00 portions.

- Drinks: You may donate drinks to be sold at the Bake Sale for $1.00 each..

Please let us know if you can help and/or donate food.

Looking forward to seeing you at the concert and thank you very much.

Questions? Offers of help? Please contact our amazing Musicians’ Dinner Coordinators:

Lois Pyle,

Kristen Takakuwa <>

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